Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Circle Lord Micro Featherz

Wednesday November 4 Update
Here is a note from Lisa

"Hi Michael.
I am totally enjoying the Micro-Feathers. (I'll be ordering the Mini and the "regular" feathers templates shortly.) I am completely addicted to this tool. The CL is a wonderful help in my quilting. I realized today that I could sew for 4 hours and leave the quilt studio without aches or soreness! Up front doing custom can leave me with tired neck, shoulders and even strained eyes. A full day of doing pantos can leave me achy sometimes too. The CL is almost effortless.
Perhaps more block motifs are in the Micro-future!
It is most amazing to me that this is the first time I am using the CL, and the first time with this template, and the feathers are beautiful. Short learning curve...just have to pick a consistent "path", and be sure I travel down far enough so it does not look choppy. The feathers are a beautiful shape and very attractive when sewn.They are fast, easy and make the quilter look really talented!
I am more than half done with the feathers. With luck, I'll be on to the background fill by Thursday. It is a big quilt 110 by 122. It will take a while before it is off the frame. I'll get good pix eventually!
Thank you so much for making me look really good at feathers!
Pictures of Lisa's quilt

5.75" Feather Wreath
2.5" Feather Wreath
Quilt 110" by 122"
Lisa did 86 Micro-Featherz wreaths

Lisa Burghart needed a feathers template to do tiny feather wreaths. Here is the template, she asked for. You'll have to wait for her to show the finished quilt.

The Micro-Featherz template sits on the Stepping Disk. The pattern is made in the same manner, as the larger Mini-Featherz, Featherz, and Large Featherz, by stepping around 8 times. You don't even have to stop the machine, or lift the stylus, just work in the Needle Down position.

The Micro-Featherz come in a set of Left and Right templates.

All Sizes Below
Below are drawings of the smallest 2.5" pattern surrounded by concentric circles.
Circles are 1/16th inch apart.
Below is the 2.5 inch pattern stitched out.
The feathers are so small it is hard to get a puffy without Hi-loft batting.

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